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FatBlokes Monopoly Pub Crawl of Ye Olde London Towne


So you get to the big 30 and you're looking for something to make it a bit of a memory. Driving along in the car one day, I was listening to a Red Dwarf tape about how Lister ended up on Red Dwarf after playing Monopoly in London to start with the idea sounded impossible, then I thought about it. 26 pubs in 12 hours, yeah we can do that, and so it began!

A few months later I was starting to do the designs for the shirts and was poking around on the net seeing what images I could swipe and lo and behold I came across Stephen O'Brien's web site (sadly now non-existant, I wonder is he's now a politician!), he'd done the tour the year before. Not only had he done it, but he'd spent loads of time investigating the best routes, which pubs were where the hole nine yards. So thats how we got the plan, a few emails to Stephen and he provided me with the schedule, a few tweaks and a bit of traditional spicing up (the rules etc) and we were set.

Stephen, thanks mate we owe you a few beers, it turned out to be the best day out I've had in years and something I and my cohorts will never forget.

The Schedule

Click on the pub names for full pub info, and picture, comments etc

PubA-Z Map
in Pub
Exit TimeTravelling
Lord Nelson, Old Kent RoadP079 - G611:000:1511:150:20
Blind Beggar, Whitechapel RoadP143 - K511:350:1511:500:10
The Raven, Fenchurch St. StationP142 - D912:000:1512:150:05
The Angel, Vine StreetP142 - E912:200:1512:350:10
Hamilton Hall, Liverpool St. Station, P142 - C612:450:1513:000:15
The Cardinal Wolseley, IslingtonP062 - A213:150:1513:300:05
The Pint Pot, Pentonville RoadP062 - A213:350:1513:500:15
Coopers, King's Cross StationP061 - J214:050:1514:200:05
O'Neill's, Euston RoadP140 - C114:250:1514:400:20
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet StreetP141 - H815:000:1515:150:10
The Wellington, StrandP140 - E915:250:1515:400:05
Kemble's Head, Bow StreetP140 - D815:450:1516:000:10
The Moon Under Water, Leicester SquareP146 - B116:100:1516:250:05
Comedy Pub, Oxendon StreetP146 - A116:300:1516:450:05
Paddling in the Fountain, Trafalgar SquareP146 - C216:500:1517:050:05
The Sherlock Holmes, Northumberland StreetP146 - C217:100:2017:300:05
The Silver Cross, WhitehallP146 - C217:350:2017:550:10
The Red Lion, Crown PassageP145 - M318:050:2018:250:10
Shelley's, Stafford StreetP145 - L218:350:2519:000:05
Henry's Bar, PiccadillyP145 - K319:050:2519:300:10
Fanfare and Firkin, Great Marlborough SreetP139 - L819:400:2520:050:10
All Bar One, Regent StreetP139 - K720:150:2520:400:10
The Tottenham, Oxford StreetP140 - A720:500:2521:150:20
Victoria and Albert, Marylebone StationP138 - E421:350:2522:000:15
Rose and Crown, Old Park LaneP145 - J322:150:2522:400:10
Ye Grapes, Shepherd Market, MayfairP145 - J322:500:2523:15

The Rules

Obviously, with any event involving hatters there has to be rules!!!! Here's the start of them I'll add more as I think of them

  1. Drinking
    Each person will consume one measure of alcohol in each location along the route
  2. Eating
    Food shall be consumed whenever is appropriate, but shall not be allowed to affect the schedule, if this means eating a burger while running down the street then thats what it shall be
  3. Chucking
    Chucking is permitted, however, anybody sneaking off for a quick tactical while no-ones looking shall make everyone aware of the fact on their return to the bar so everyone else can take the piss. Anybody being caught tacticalling and not mentioning the fact shall put 5 squid into the whip
  4. Cards
    Each player shall be given a 'get out of pub free' card which entitles them to duck one pub
  5. Girlies
    Should a player not wish to drink alcohol in every pub they may action the I'm a Big Girls Blouse rule. This decision must be made before leaving the first location, and on deciding that they are indeed 'A Big Girl', the player must don the Big Girls Blouse momento, and wear it for the rest of the day. Once a player is a big girl, they must still take part in the locations, but may order soft drinks
  6. Slacking
    The first person to finish their drink may decide that a member of the group is slacking. A vote is then carried out as to whether the accused is drinking a slacking behind, if the vote is passed then the first person to finish shall handcuff themselves to the slacker to ensure they keep up. Emily got quite attached to the handcuffs didn't you emm!
  7. Big Boys
    Should there be some people who thinks this isn't hard enough, the Big Boys option wil be to drink a different alcoholic drink in every pub.

This is what our plan looked like by the time we finished!

The Team

The list of attendees are available, also reports of the day

The Tariff

I've tried to include a list of the drinks involved and the costs for each round where we recorded it.

You Wanna Try?

Want to try it, well firstly let us know you're doing it so we can offer any help or assistance or tips, and secondly I've compiled a little hints page which may be of use.

Comments? Mail them to FatBloke

Whats Next could try the Circle Line. Coming soon to a hatters pavillion near you soon, what ya doin next weekend!