Hatters Diary - Forthcoming Events

Saturday 1st August 1998 - Fat Blokes Monopoly Board of London Pub Crawl

Yep, get your A to Z out because we're off to do a pub in each street ( and station) on the board in one day. Its gonna be a good one.

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11th July 1998 - No-Shags Croydon Barbecue

Grab your water pistols we're off house trashin'. Its No-Shag yearly barbecue, so get on your macs, and we'll try and get kicked out of the pub before we get there this time.

Be there...Nuff said!

5th - 8th 1998 - CPVII - The Magnificent Seven

Following in the footsteps of such monumental tours as Dactari The Poacher tour, and Hit for CPVI tour, the boys are once again on patrol.

We'll be donning our flourescent warpaint and with more balls than a well hung donkey we'll be seeking the answers to such un-answered questions as:-
- How much drink can you consume before you die?
- Is it possible to burn to death drinking Flaming Sambukas?
- Who is it who keeps sneaking around in the middle of the night and chucking up?
- What causes Pirate to get black eyes when he's off his head?

All these questions and more probably won't be answered on our return

Oh and by the way, if you've booked that yearly quiet holiday with the family for CP - Longleat on that weekend, I would thoroughly recommend moving your vacation to the roundabout under junction 12 of the M25 it could be quieter and far less stressfull.

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April 1998 - Boys getting younger tour

Just to prove that boys don't grow up they just get bigger toys the hatters are off to SegaWorld at the Trocadero in London for a most serious bit of joystick jostling and paddle pumping.

July 1997 - The No-Shag still getting older Bar-B-Q

Water throwing? Would we!

July 1997 - Pistol Whipping Paintball

They really were so, so, stupid. No-Shags work mates think they're so hard, they're in for a shock because the hatters are gonna whip their butts. We'za gonna take that smoke grenade and shove it up their bottoms until they bleed.

April 1997: CPVI - Longleat

'Hit for CPVI, the Sprainpotting tour'


  • Pirates Walking the Plank game
  • Gunfight at the No-Shag Coral
  • Ezzas Eggciting game
  • Fatblokes Spoons
  • Robbies Battleships II (The Revenge)
  • Sherrifs Lock em up Ludo
  • More information available

    27th-30th September 1996: CPV.5 - Elveden

    Robbies Jobbie

    Attending Hatters:

    Game rundown:

    26th-29th April 1996: CPV - Nottingham

    'Til They Cry Tour

    Well, what can I say, be there, or you're a GRUNT.
    Loads more comin' 'n everyfin'

    Final game information:

    Security Guards

    Tango sensation

    Close Protection

    Roadie Goes awol

    1st-3rd March 1996: The Oriental Paintball Bash

    Or Cat-Shaggers extreme

    Friday PM - No-Shags place getting slaughtered, FatBloke will be in the builders most of the afternoon getting slaughtered, meet you there

    Saturday - D'n'D is cancelled so we're England rugby abusing

    Saturday Night - Beer, oh yes serious beer

    Sunday - Pistol Popping Paintball Time

    Cost is UKP25.00 I believe for Paintball known attendees are:-
    No-Shag the ever lonely
    Eric the Viking
    Beastie the Pirate Blood
    Fat Bloke in the corner


    Well we had a big no show from both Viking and Robbie from Take That, girls