The Hatters Role of Honour/Disgrace

Pirate Beastie No-Blood (Hatter First Class)

Original creator of the Pact. Was so distraught about the idea of getting married to a vegetarian kebab he asked all his mates to go the CentreParcs for the weekend to do crochet and stuff. Known as Beastie due to his attitude after zillions of cans of Tennants Stupor, other known aliases:-

Smiffy, C*********

Banned Phrases:-

Muppet, Gibber, Pants, C********, You're all picking on me

Things to mention when you meet him:-

Toothbrushes, Moose, The Clean Up Fairy, Train Stations

Nick No-Shag Hatter First Class

One of the few founding and still active member of the hatters, No-Shag was Pirates best man for the veggie kebab wedding, he's renowned for his ability to scare off moose at 100 paces and blurb blah blurb attitude

Banned Phrases:-

I'm mature me
My hairs not really falling out, I like it short
Whats a penis? What you mean I've got one?
You know....Shaggin' em really 'ard

Here is an example of a hatter carrying out late night manouvers to ensure the recording of another No-Shag face sucking session.

Things to mention when you meet him:-

Shaggin (the lack of)
Long term relationships
A large rusty needle being inserted into your pupil
Dippy Lodgers


Hatter First Class

Another of the few founding and still active member of the hatters, Fat-Bloke gained his name during late night drinking. On attempting to impress a bunch of elligable girlies, he was described as "FatBloke in the corner". Unfortunately due to two very small facts.................

1. He is fat,
2. He was in the corner
the name stuck.

Mostly drunk, and mainly winging on and telling people not to jump into lakes when they're extraordinarily drunk cause they might kill themselves. Also holder of the most number of milk chocolate magnums in 20 minutes competition.

Banned Phrases:-

You know when it happens, believe me [Sob Sob]

Things to mention when you meet him:-

Multi-tasking bitches

Bunny Boden

Hatter Passed Out

Bunny survived the first CP expendition but has never been on one since. Apparently his reluctance to 'Take Me..Take Me' as a certain girl requested has persuaded him to start relating in rather a sexual fashion to his favourite cat. Rumours still abound however, that he does do some very interesting tricks with an Elizabeth Shaw Mint, but you'll have to ask the cat for more information.

Banned Phrases:-

I can't do that, she's married
Cor Blimey
Sorry can't go out, the cats throwing up

Things to mention when you meet him:-

Elizabath Shaw Mints
His cat
What he does when combining the above

Ex-Sheriff Coxy

Hatter almost out

Sheriff Cox made a sterling start to his hatter career, working at being a complete drunken bum very hard. His liking for 10 year olds toys brought along such marvellous games as blowpipe alley, and the sheriff name itself. Being a bit of a fat-fuck he's mostly seen grinning inanely, probably thinking how long it is before he has to go back to his beloved.

Banned Phrases:-

Err, I don't know whether I can come out to play tonight, let me ask Paula.... Err, no sorry, I can't come out I've got to stay in and clear up my room

Things to mention when you meet him:-

Being locked out of your own house by your girlfriend

Eric The Viking

Hatter late to market, but gaining market share

What can I say, other than, Pants On-Pants off, making of the great Pants game

Oi, Ezza, your pants have got skid marks on 'em.

Banned Phrases:-

Things to mention when you meet him:-