CP Tournament Champions Page

The list below lists hatters who have shown braveness beyond the braveness of a lion, foolishness beyond the foolishness of a jester, artfulness beyond the artfullness of the Dodger himself, and downright grit, determination and the ability to cheat without getting caught.

They are the proud stout fellows who have won through and obtained the highest amount of points in each CP Tour.

Tournament Location Winner
CP I - Pact of the Hat Tour Nottingham No-Shag
CP II - Surfing Tour Elveden No-Shag
CP III ??? ???
CP IV ??? ???
CP IV.5 Longleat? ???
CP V - 'Til they Cry Tour Nottingham Robbie
CP V.5 - Obviously Elveden Robbie
CP VI - Sprainspotting
(Hit for CPVI)
Longleat FatBloke
CP VI.5 - Robbies Jobbie
Nottingham No-Shag
CP VII - The Magnificent Seven
Longleat FatBloke
CP VIII - The Eight Escape
Nottingham To be Announced